Here are some links for you to follow.  Categorized by my preference (which may not make sense!).  It's a work in progress, so it's always changing... much like an over-ripe banana.   Little by little I'm getting there!  Please email me if you want me to add anything.  

NOTE: some links open into a separate window. It depends on my mood. Kind of like a mood ring, but for hyperlinks.


125 & GP Resources

Moto Grand Prix (World GP Racing Info)
Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme(FIM)

Rising Sun Cycles (USA source for GP bikes/parts)
GP City (USA source for GP bikes/parts)
Redline Imports (USA Source for GP bikes/parts)
MCE Racing (Top quality service for your 125 engine)
Honda Racing Corporation (HRC)

MacDizzy's awesome two-stroke page

GP Racers and Teams

Angela Hiba
Hjelm Motorsports
Lean Dog Racing
New England GP
Steve Scott Racing
Team Incomplete Racing

Other Racing Friends

U.S. Marshalls Cornerworkers  <--The Racers' Saviors !!

Broad Squad Racing
(Team) Daemon Racing
Fatbaq Racing
Slide Rule Racing

Race Series Info

American Historic Racing Motorcycle Assoc.
American Motorcyclist Assoc.
Bermuda Racing Club Ltd
Canadian American 125 gp Series (Canadian/American national 125 gp)
Champion Cup Series
    Central Motorcycle Roadracing Assoc.
    Central Roadracing Assoc.
    Great Lakes Motorcycle Roadracing Assoc.
    Loudon Roadracing Series
    Mid-Atlantic Roadracing Club
    Oregon Motorcycle Roadracing Assoc.
    Western Eastern Roadracing Assoc.
    Washington Motorcycle Roadracing Assoc.
    Willow Springs Motorcycle Club
Formula USA
Motorcycle Roadracing Assoc.
U.S. Classic Racing Assoc.
US Grand Prix Riders Union (American national 125 gp)
Vintage Road Racing Assoc


Isle of Man
New Zealand Racetracks
Why re-invent the wheel?
Why reinvent the wheel again?


American Supercamp
California Superbike School
CLASS Motorcycle Schools
Donnie Hansen Motocross Academy
Ed Bargy Racing Services
Fast Riding School
Fastrack Riders
Freddie Spencer's Riding School
Learning Curves Racing School
Motorcycle Safety Foundation
Moto Canada
Penguin Riding School
STAR Motorcycle School

Racing Schools -dot- Com