Here's why we race
(photo by J.Lampert)

** indicates the best shots

2005 Pictures:

June USGPRU weekend at VIR (photos by Pics Of You)

    Turu and I do battle for 7th in 250gp **
    On the gas hard in 250gp
    Coming onto the back chicane on the 250
    The slowest corner at VIR on the 125
    In attack mode on the 125 **

May Can-Am weekend at Shannonville (photos by Flair Photo)

    Taking the wide line in the last corner on the 250 **
    Practice on the 125 before the engine grenaded itself
    Holding off the crowd on the 250 **
    The world goes by quickly on the 250
    Overcooking Allen's corner on the 250.  Yikes! **
    Here's the competition's view

2004 Pictures:

September Can-Am125gp/USGPRU weekend at VIR (photos by Pics of You)

    Turn 5 on the 125
    Turn 4 on the 125
    Mark and I play in Turn 3 on the 125
    Holding off the crowd in Turn 1 on the125 **
    Turn 4 on the 250
    Turn 4 on the 250 again **
    This is what happens after you seize a 250 on the brakes into Turn 1

June Can-Am125/USGPRU/FUSA/CCS/USCRA weekend at NHIS (photo by Owens Racing Photos)

    Being the monkey on Pete Talbach's vintage sidecar (coincidentally numbered 330) going into T3!

June USGPRU/F-USA/CCS weekend at VIR (photos by Branam's or Shoot To Thrill)

    Turn 4 during qualifying for the USGPRU 125 race **
    Perfect sponsor shot in Turn 5/6
    Perfect poser shot in Turn 1
    Great T1 shot (first of three) **
    Great T1 shot (second of three)
    Great T6 short (third of three, with the front wheel about to lift)

2003 Pictures:

July Can-Am 125gp races at Mosport (all photos by Colour Tech Motorsports photography)

    Turn 8...  Pose factor high! **
    Turn 10 inside shot
    5th gear at WOT in Turn 2 (fast!) **
    Trying to shake off the competition coming into Turn 2 **
    Coming onto the front straight in the wet
    Taking the checkered flag for 11th place in the rain

June USGPRU races at VIR (all photos by Branam's Photography)

    A fun corner for sure! **
    Samantha and I do battle
    Another pic I really like

April USGPRU races at VIR (all photos by Branam's Photography)

    Check out the new helmet ...Fat Baby strays from the all black look!
    Introducing the new offroad Honda rs125
    Moving right along
    Turn 17, in attack mode! **

2002 Pictures:

October USGPRU races at VIR (all photos by Branam's Photography)

    Moving through T8 **
    Heading for T5
    Heading up the hill for T7
    Another shot heading for T5 (closeup)
    Friday practice shot
    Happiness is being in *front* of the Motard!

Sept 28th LRRS GP Singles race, T1a (Photo by K. Mitchell)

August LRRS races at NHIS (all are excellent quality!)

    Turn 3 (photo by K. Mitchell) **
    Turn 9 (photo by K. Mitchell) **
    Turn 10 (Foto by Falvio)
    Turn 10 at exit (Foto by Falvio)
    Team Chef Boy-Ar-Dee (Photo by J.Belmont)

July USGPRU races at VIR (all photos by Branam's Photography)

    Leading the 4-strokes **
    From the front
    From the inside
    Making Stewart earn his #1 plate
    Marshall (#21) is setting up traffic for the pass behind me
    Marshall is sneaking up on me!

April LRRS GP Singles race at NHIS

    Coming through Turn 10 (photo by Advanced Photo)
    About to get lapped in Turn 11 by Team Turk (Foto by Falvio)

2001 Pictures:

August 18th LRRS race weekend at NHIS (photos by M.Burne)

    Starting a gp bike is like having a baby...  your friends all stare at you while you push
    Braking for T1 (the back end about to come off the ground)
    Going into T2 (kind of small.. but check out the lean angle!)
    Leading the pack into T3
    Another shot of T3, a split second later
    Coming through the apex of T10
    Hauling ass out of T10
    Making the pass in T10 (2 shots in one!) **

August 5th USCRA weekend at NHIS.  Some of the 125 boys (photos by L.Hussey)

    Dave Arvidson (left) and Eric Yoo
    Dave discusses his new foot-steer method with Craig (left) and Steve

July 7th LRRS GP Singles race, T3 at NHIS (photo by J.Melchionda) **

June 10th LRRS Lightweight GP race at NHIS.  Taken with a disposable camera, so they're fuzzy (photos by J. Belmont)

    Setting up the pass into T3
    T10:  1 'priller down, 1 to go!
    T10:  2 prillers and an unknown down.. making the next pass!  On the pipe, baby!!