Much like a compilation of Roswell UFO sightings, fabricted pictures of the Loch Ness Monster, stories of Bigfoot peeking out from behind a rock in the Himalayas, or a busload of the terrible and fearsome Gracko-Stimpy... this page is dedicated to photos of the ever elusive (and often misunderstood) Fat Baby Racing sticker.

How do I get these pictures, you may ask?  Well.. it requires many hours of neck stiffening research, and days of patience with binoculars and a camera...   OK, so I lied.  It's made possible by people like YOU!  Send me an email with a pic of the sticker on something and I'll add it to the list with whatever info you want (sans spam).

Don't have a sticker? Want to get one?  It's easy!  I'll include a couple if you buy a T-shirt online, but the cheaper (and funner!) method is for you to come to the racetrack and say hello to get your very own for free!  See the racing schedule for.. well.. the schedule.


Julio's lawn tractor in FL
Alex's kitchen car in MA
Alex and Julie's swing in MA
Dan's guitar in CN (current band is Dropout)
Scott's midget at Barona Raceway in sunny So Cal
Scott brings the Fat Baby along for a first place finish at Rialto in So Cal.  Congrats!